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Local Resources & Infrastructure

Merritt (pop. 7,200), is one of the administrative and logistical centres of the region and offers many basic services such as food stores, fuel and lumber supplies.  Helicopter services are also available. Any specialized material, equipment or manpower requirements would be readily available in Kamloops.  Merritt is serviced by via Highway #1 and the Coquihalla Highway from Vancouver.

At present there is minimal infrastructure on the property. The existing road network on the LUCKY MIKE property has been partially reclaimed, Merritt and nearby Kamloops could provide skilled labor for the project.

There are no apparent serious impediments to exploration in the form of surface rights alienation, but this would require careful checking before any development work was contemplated. At present, electrical power is not available on the property, but power lines are within 1 km.  In the event of mining activities, there appear to beample sites for processing facilities, waste storage areas, or tailing ponds.

Timber, water, sand and gravel are available on or near the property.