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The Sunshine Property

1965 - Vastlode Mining Co. Ltd. Conducted several open cuts and trenching on Zone #1.  They also drilled 3000 feet of diamond drilling.

1966 - Vastlode drilled an additional 5 holes on Zone #2.

1967 - San Doh Mines Ltd. conducted trenching and drilled 18 holes on Zone # 2 and 3.

1968 - San Doh Mines constructed a 985 foot adit on Zone #3which had been tested by 16 D.D.H.s totaling 2829'.

1969 - Highland Lode Mines Ltd. Conducted geologic mapping.

1971 - Highland Lode conducted surface mapping at 1”=40‘ on Zone #3.

1972 - Highland Lode drilled 6 diamond drill holes totaling 2162’ and 2 miles of road building.

1976 - Ruskin Development conducted VLM-EM and geochemical surveys on Zones #1-3.

1977 - Ruskin drilled four Diamond drill holes totaling 690’ on the #3 Zone.

1980 - C.D.R. Resources Inc. (formerly Highland Lode Mines Ltd.) carried out a program of diamond drilling in 12 holes totaling 507 metres on Zones # 2 and 3. Corona Corporation conducted an exploration program during 1988 which culminated in a localized drilling program centred on the Lucky Mike deposit.

1991 - Strato Geological Engineering Ltd. completed a preliminary I.P. program for Hera Resources Corp. This was followed by a comprehensive I.P. survey conducted during the spring of 1993 and in turn, was immediately followed by a drilling program.   This I.P. survey covered parts of the Southeast Sophia claim and just north of the Lucky Mike deposit.  Drilling in 1993 took place just to the northeast of the Southeast Sophia claim.