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Sophia Property

1977 - Prior to the acquisition of the property by Lakewood Mining,- an E.M. and magnetometer survey in addition to a preliminary geochemical survey was carried out over localized areas of the Property.

1978 - A localized I.P. survey and "587 feet" of diamond drilling in three holes was completed on the property.

1979 - Lakewood carried out a six hole percussion drill hole program on the property. There was no work on the property from 1979 to the 1983 percussion drill hole program

1983 - A percussion drilling program consisting of two holes totaling 560 feet of drilling were completed to test anomalous areas indicated in previous surveys.

1986 - A VLF-EM and Mag. Survey carried over Lines A.B.C.D. revealed two partly correlating conductors.

1987 - 5.1 kilometers of Induced Polarization was completed on a portion of the property.  A total of 101 readings were taken at 40 meter intervals.

1993 - Hera Resources Inc. conducted The Sophia Property.