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The history is summarized from the Assessment Reports filed from 1969 to the present.

The property has been explored in the past by a number of individuals and companies; Mineral exploration has been conducted on Swakum Mountain since the early part of the century. Several small shafts and pits around the Mountain attest to this era of activity. Many of the showings resulted in crown granted mineral claims. During World War II, the skarn deposit on the Lucky Mike claim attracted attention for its copper and scheelite content. It has remained the major focus on this part of the present property.

The first of the Swakum Mountain deposits, The Last Chance or the Lucky Mike was originally discovered in 1916 by Oscar Schmidt

Diamond drilling by Granby Consolidated Mining investigating copper potential. Northwestern Mines Ltd. sank an inclined shaft on the north end of the zone.

Reported total production from these properties is 26 tons from the Lucky Mike which yielded two ounces of gold, 137 ounces of silver, 1,932 pounds of copper and 1,753 pounds of lead.

The Last Chance was restaked as a scheelite prospect in 1942. Reported values are of .25% W03 across an average width of 34 feet.