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Environmental Liabilities & Permits

There are no significant environmental issues related to the project.  Previous disturbance of the area trenching has apparently been properly reclaimed in accordance with regulations in effect at that time.

An annual Mineral & Coal Notice of Work and Reclamation Program permit will have to be negotiated with the Ministry of Energy and Mines for British Columbia.  This permit allows the user to conduct road building, drilling, trenching and timber cutting.  Any use of water is also included.  A reclamation bond will also be required.

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation relating to an amendment agreement dated Nov. 14, 2013, between the company and Rich River Explorations Ltd., whereby the parties have agreed to extend the due dates of certain cash payments, issuances of shares and exploration expenses relating to the Lucky Mike property in consideration of the company issuing 50,000 common shares to Rich River Explorations.