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Drilling History

Plate has not carried out any drilling on the Lucky Mike Property. There has been a moderate amount of drilling by several other operators.  Drilling has taken place on the three deposits that make up the Lucky Mike Property.

Lucky Mike:
From 1943-1993 at least 49 diamond drill holes were conducted on the Lucky Mike Skarn showing, a small decline was also driven.  The author has not correlated these holes as there is very little information on the location.

The Sophia:
From 1978-1983 5 percussion hole were drilled on the Sophia showing for a total of 1147 feet.  The author has not conducted an audit on these holes as the locations are not well documented.

The Sunshine:
From 1965-1980 at least 61 diamond drill holes were competed for a total of several thousand feet.  The locations and depths of these drill holes are not well known. An adit was completed in 1988 for a total of 985 feet.   The author has not plotted any of these drill holes