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Climate & Physiography

The climate of the region is classified as the Okanagan-Cariboo Dry Belt, with mild but wet winter seasons and medium to hot drier summers, precipitation averages about 50 cm per year.  Winters, in the area are usually severe and bring several feet of snow-pack.  The highest average temperatures occur in July at 35-40o C and average lowest temperatures occur in January at –30o C (night).

The claims are mostly covered with spruce, fir, and pine forest. Logging over the last 20 years has been conducted on approximately 40% of the claim block. Privately owned rangeland covers the portion of the claims surrounding Rey Lake and the swamps and meadows draining into the lake. Figures 1-3 provide location maps for the claims.

The topography of the Lucky Mike Workings is subdued, elevations on the property vary from 1300 meters on Rey creek near the northwest corner of the property to 1723 meters at Swakum Mountain in the southern part of the claims. The property lies within the southern interior region of the province, a generally dry, open forested and grassland terrain.

Several post-glacial drainage features or depressions are now swamps and streams.

The field season lasts from early April to the latter part of October.